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Adult Swim can be shown at around 10 at night, while Cartoon Network is shown throught the day. Adult swim is for a mature audience, meaning 18 and up. Cartoons that are shown on this network are seen as vulgar, sexual and idiotic. Cartoons such as “Family Guy” and “Futurama” are clearly not meant for those under 18. The sick humor that is shown disgusts me sometimes and other times, some of it makes me laugh occasionally. I dont really feel that Adult Swim is very appropriate for television and ultimatley feel like its a waste of air time.


After my presentation on television effecting children, I have taken one point from my presentation of television being seen as a babysitter for parents. Research shows that television can act as a babysitter in a positive way and also a negative way.

In a positive way, parents find the tv to be an excellent babysitter while they take care of dinner or need to handle business were their children isnt involved. Parents would rather much have their children watching television rather than making messes around the house or getting into harsh chemicals.

In a negative way, television can show that a parent doesnt care that much about spending time with their child and just send them to the television. Children may want to help out in the kitchen or just want to spend time with their parents, and who knows what they could be watching.

What do you think?

After doing the presentation on “fan culture” I became very interested in the topic and in the people who are involved in this topic. Fan Culture is much deeper than a community in itself. With the different ways fans dress, communicate and even listen to music there are many things of fandom that shape their lives. Dressing and speaking like certain characters gives people another life to live. Some find fan culture to be an escape, a doorway to getting out of their everyday lives. Being a different person gives someone confidence and boosts their self esteem. All of this will be explained in further detail in my paper.

One of my sources will be Henry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture. There are also some websites and maybe even documentaries that I may use in helping me to create a well thought out paper.

Below is a picture taken at the very popular Star Wars Convention. The stormtroopers below are showing off their well put together costumes, especially the woman, who can be referred to as a “fem-trooper”.

star wars convention

When I think of the term “bird walk” i think of a tropical bird exhibit at a zoo where there are many birds flying around and you walk through holding cups of nectar for them sip from as they land on your head and hands. But, I am so far from the defintion of the “bird walk” according to 18 year old hip hop artist, Soulja Boy.


The bird walk is a new dance Soulja Boy and his crew has created for viewers to learn and dance too wenever his song plays at a party, or in a club. Also known for the “soulja boy” dance, he has also created others that have those down south and all over the world mimicking his movements. Personally, I’m getting tired of hearing songs with dance instructions tied into them. What happened to rapping about life and what goes on in the world?

soulja boy

Paris Hilton has a new reality show called “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF” on MTV. From what I’ve seen, the men and women competing to be her new bff (best friend forever) are different characters that keep viewers engaged in the show. For example, there is a homosexual asian man named Onch, Paris’s little snitch Vanessa, a hardcore rocker chick named Natasha and many more. The show is full of competitions, drama and many nights of partying. Paris Hilton also is going to be airing a show exactly like this one but in the UK were she tries to find a new British bff. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/aug/20/itv.television?gusrc=rss&feed=media

After hearing about this, I just thought to myself how fake these reality shows are. Why have the same kind of show and a “bff” in the UK if you already found one in the US?  Or is she really looking for a new best friend or is this just for entertainment?


While walking through campus and snapping photos of many things, I came across a door. This isn’t just any door though, this door leads to the Catacombs of Saint Mary’s College. There are stories of dead bodies being buried here, stories of ghost, and just another place to explore in the middle of the night for some.

Both pictures  were taken with polaroid digital camera. The first picture was taken from ground level. Only the top of the door is visible and not fully opened. The plants and some of the railing is blurred, which makes the door stand out even more. The second picture was taken from a level slightly higher than ground level. Looking down out the door really makes you wonder what could be in there because all you see is a wet ground, and stairs leading to an open door.

After viewing the comercial about Obama being a celebrity, I laughed. I had to ask myself, “Is McCain serious?” I mean I feel like this ad is a big joke. Don’t get me wrong, I see the point McCain is trying to make, but come on now.

In the ad, Obama is being compared to female celebs such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. It just makes me laugh to see these two women in the commercial and then Obama. There is absolutley no comparison. in response to the ad, Obama states:

“He’s spending an awful lot of time talking about me, I haven’t seen an ad were he talks about what he’s going to do.” http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7535020.stm

So as I think about this, I have a question for everyone, do you agree that Obama is somewhat a celebrity, according to McCain’s ad?